Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday before tournament

Last Friday we went the Pourdre River library.  We did a presentation on our skit and a demonstration
of  our robot. It went terrible.  We had to spend 6min doing the run. And we didn't even get all of our runs. done  For the skit no one new what we were talking about. :(
But we know what went wrong so we know what to fix. That is good. We need to make it clear what or skit is about.  We need to get the attachments  on fast that is what went wrong with the robot runs.

written by Robert

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The week-and-a-half before the tournament...

The internet is intermittent, but we were able to print scripts and rehearse them, Half, or 2 out of 5, team members were absent, so we practiced being understudies. The script worked out pretty well, and we have a presentation on Friday the 14th. We had better practice a lot!
When Friday comes, the presentation will be at the library. Practicing other people's lines as an understudy was difficult.

~ Emmett

Thursday the 13th

Today, the team scored the lowest score I had ever seen: -5 points!! The good part was that we probably couldn't have scored any worse. We did manage to create a new mission to spin the Engagement spinner. It uses an infinite loop to go back and forth. The ORIGINAL Engagement program is malfunctioning, and that is a big problem.
On a perfect run, we earn about 170-ish points.

~ Emmett, 3pic Generation

Monday, November 3, 2014

Last week we decided to changed the attachment motor from the big motor to the small motor.
 Because the big motor was making it drift. Now it is working better but not all the way. it is working
better because it is not a heavy. we have troubles with accuracy.

Today we chose a format for our project presentation. Now we have write a script.

We have only less then three weeks until the tournament the November 22nd.

blog by Robert