Monday, September 29, 2014

Wednesday the 24th

We started off the meeting by rehearsing the eight FLL Core Values. After doing all eight of them, we shared our research findings with the members of the team. This week's homework for the project
presentation is to brainstorm innovative solutions, during the week/weekend. The robot game portion was spent refining the chassis, designing attachments and programming. The teamwork exercise was challenging, but not everybody thought that it was fun.
~Written by Emmett

monday before scrimmage

Today we our finishing a second robot.
This second robot will help us do two things at a time.

We just  tried on our T-shirts to see if they fit.  We voted on our logo. we have a scrimmage  on Thursday October 2nd and Saturday October 4th.

For our project we have how people learn patience best.

 We our almost done with a mission. The  mission is called the apprenticeship/door.
We had the robot get so close to getting a mission done!!!!

Written by Robert 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday the 22nd

As always, we rehearsed the 8 FLL core values.We picked t-shirt colors today.  We decided on black T-shirts with red logos. Our teamwork exercise was hard and fun

Monday, September 15, 2014

At the start of our meeting we went over the FLL core values.  The we discussed the research we had done on the project.  We narrowed it down to teaching patience and learning how you learn.  Emmett discussed some research on patience which says meditation helps, letting go of the past, and the importance of pinpointing what makes you impatient.   Gordon bought information from  He presented that thee were sensory, visual, active and sequential learners.

Then we went down to the basement and started on the second possible robot chassis.  We are going to test the robots.  We did a drop test, a turning test, and a distance test on the first robot.

We also tried out two types of attchments fo the cload access key.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Outlining Robot Characteristics

We decided that the deadline for the robot chassis was September 22 because we have a scrimmage on October 4. We made a list of qualities our robot should have. The chassis had to be:

  •  sturdy
  •  easy to repair
  •  precise in both attachments and turning radius
  • compact
  • heavy enough to push challenge obstacles

The sensors we decided that we might use are light, infrared, and touch sensors. Ultrasonic and sound sensors were ruled out because the sound of the auditorium would disrupt them. Light sensors would be used for the colored lines on the mat and possibly the search engine model.

We talked about the project and narrowed to topics down to learning patience, learning how we learn, social cues, and money management.

-Emmett, Alexander and Gordon