Wednesday, October 22, 2014

project picking

Brainstorming project ideas for learning patience

free tickets to Australia before you go you have to play 5 rounds of Dead Man on a trampoline w/ a slow kangaroo

penquin in space ship, patience with the guy who has to count

fast or slow airplane trip takes an amount of time before you get off, fast zoom pasts, slow slow.. at teh end you get launched into space

waiting for youtube to load

raising hand in class

raising/ training a puppy

Patience is involved in everyday life, talking (taking turns) conversation

watch video lecture which would help you learn patience because long and talking and talking

plane tickets that say your departure before actualdeparture and you have wait the hr.

robot to bring you treats you have to wait
 process of rewards (candy legos)

Project will be game (board game or computer or app) that teaches patience using practice and mindfulness

Homework:  think about design of game, elements of theme (kangaroo?  Robot?  ??)

think of elements of the game

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