Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday the 15th and Monday the 13th

Monday the 13th:
First things first. Rehearsing the 8 FLL Core Values was the first step in our meeting. We then shared our research findings with the rest of the team. Next, we worked on attaching a color sensor to the bottom of the robot. Next step was programming 2 missions: Changing conditions/Multiplier lever and Apprenticeship/Search Engine lever. There is a heated competition to finish a certain mission first, then the 'winning 'team'' will get to program driving to the Sports mission.

Wednesday the15th:
We first discussed the Project section and any ideas that were to be had then. We fixed a problem with our current color sensor alignment: the cord that connected the sensor to the brick wouldn't fit in the tight space.

By: Emmett

Weave got a nether mission called ENGAGEMENT!!!!!!!!

by Robert

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